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Ubuntu and the state of enterprise Linux

Ubuntu has evolved over the last years, and has become quite popular on the desktop. Ubuntu is also working on its position in the enterprise. I, however, am a bit apprehensive to adopt Ubuntu for the server, and have a tough time recommending my clients to use Ubuntu vs. Red Hat (CentOS) or SuSE. I currently prefer CentOS for the free distribution, and RHEL where required (like SAP implementations).

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Linux Foundation Speaker Line-Up for 2nd Annual Collaboration Summit

Kernel Developers, IDC’s Head Linux Analyst and Companies Such as Dell, HP, IBM, MySQL, and Oracle Will Debate Growth Opportunities for the Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – March 11, 2008) – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced the speakers for its 2nd Annual Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. Continue reading

Linux e-mail, messaging and VoIP Communications suite

Software developer Unison has launched what it claims is the world’s first fully-unified communications suite based on Linux. is where you can find additional detail.

Announced at CeBIT, the suite (also simply called Unison) combines IP telephony, e-mail and instant messaging with diary, address book and presence capabilities, all in a single Linux server. It is available free as a public beta.

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MythTV, New Release – 0.21

MythTV is a homebrew PVR project that has been under heavy development since April 2002, and is now quite useable and featureful. This new release has lots of new stuff. Notably: autodiscovery (less manual configuration of new frontends), storage groups (no need for LVM/etc), support for multiple recordings on one DVB/ATSC multiplex, a couple new plugins, some new deinterlacing/video display options, and many, many other things.

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