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Samsung UN46D6400

Don’t be fooled by the styling from the Amazon pictures, take a look at for real images:

Samsung UN46D6400 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)
Price $1,259.00

The UN46D6400 supports 3d.

I would recommend purchasing the UN46D6400 or the UN46D6300. Both are super slim at 1.2″ and both have the thin .5″ perimeter. The only difference is the UN46D6300 does not support 3D, but has a builtin web browser.

Michael Arrington And Tom Cruise

Dead-on Cruise cackle aside, “Tom Cruise” is actually Evan Ferrante, an actor and producer who launched his Hollywood career on his uncanny knack for mimicking Cruise’s swagger and yes, memorizing virtually every line in Jerry Maguire and Top Gun.

What started off as a way to meet women in college with his friend (who of course, had a natural Jean-Claude Van Damme impression), quickly turned into a handful of viral videos on YouTube and FunnyOrDie, and ultimately a legitimate career.
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Domain Registry of America (

Whatever you do, I would recommend staying away from this company.

If you have them host your DNS, you can not make simple changes such as modifying the TTL of your domain.

I just had a conversation with a tech, “Alex”.  He was adamant that TTL settings are set across the board to 1 day (86400), and that it is their policy that this can not be changed.  They run Linux Bind DNS systems, which means this is about as simple of a DNS change as can be made.

It seems they just resell godaddy domains, so if nothing else just get your domains through godaddy and use thier DNS management interface.

Should Hewlett-Packard send me a loaner laptop?

I bought an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop in June of 2007.  I had experienced strange issues soon after using the laptop, but thought these issues were Vista related.  The issue I experienced from the time of purchase was:

  • The notebook does not detect wireless networks and the wireless adapter is not detected in the Device Manager. [sporadically]

It was not until recently, when I read about this, this and this, that I started to search on HP’s website and found a Limited Warranty Service Enhancement for my laptop.  I thought this was a good thing, but I didn’t want to go through the ordeal of replacing my laptop for something that was a minor inconvenience.  Continue reading